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Visionaire Patient Matched Knee Technology

Visionair Knee ReplacementVISIONAIRE™ Patient Matched Technology for Knee Replacement Surgery

Recent advances in medical technology have opened several new chapters in high performance knee surgery.

One recent advancement is the development is VISIONAIRE Patient Matched Instrumentation. These patient-specific surgical instruments are custom made for the precise alignment of your knee, potentially increasing implant longevity.

For more information about how VISIONAIRE™ Patient Matched Instrumentation can fit your life, ask your orthopaedist.

Custom Fit For You

VISIONAIRE™ Patient Matched instruments help your surgeon achieve more optimal implant alignment, custom to your unique knee anatomy.

Your orthopaedic surgeon will scan MRI (Magnetic Resonance Images) and X-Ray images of your affected leg into an advanced web-based software program, which will generate virtual images of your knee. Surgical instruments and guides are then designed and built, mapping out specific bone cuts to accurately align the implant to your knee.

Because VISIONAIRE™ technology removes multiple steps from the traditional surgical technique, your time under anesthesia may be reduced. This may lead to less blood loss and a lower risk of infection.

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Accurate Alignment
VISIONAIRE Patient Matched instruments allow your surgeon to achieve precise alignment of your knee, potentially reducing wear – a leading cause of early implant failure.

Faster Recovery
Customized VISIONAIRE™ instruments enable a less invasive surgical procedure which can reduce soft tissue and muscle damage which may speed your recovery time.

Implant Longevity
A knee implant accurately aligned with the VISIONAIRE system may not only feel more natural, but may also last longer than traditional knee replacements. Even a slightly misaligned implant can cause uneven implant wear, loosening and instability, which can contribute to early implant failure and follow-up surgeries.

Less Pain
You may be able to take less pain medication for a shorter time. By reducing the amount of muscle and soft tissue damage, you’ll have a smaller scar and experience less pain during recovery.

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